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8/14/19: 2-FMA restock has arrived and larger quantities have been added back to the shop (prices have dropped a little as well). NEP is again out of stock. There are a few customers who were affected by this and those customers have been emailed. If you didn't receive an email your order was not affected. We expect to have a restock of NEP arriving soon. 


Previous Updates:

8/4/19: We are nearing completion of a new support ticket system. We will send an email with more details to all customers when it is complete. Also, all unpaid orders not placed within the last 24 hours have been cancelled.

7/30/19: Larger quantities of 2-fma have been removed from the shop. We will update again here when we run completely out of this product.

7/24/19: Shop is closed while we catch up on orders. We are bringing in a couple additional team members to help us catch up and keep up with demand. All orders are going out significantly overweight. NEP will be back in stock when we reopen.

7/19/19: 2-FMA has been added to stock and NEP is temporarily out of stock. A very large batch of orders are being dropped off today. Tracking numbers have already been sent out for most of these orders and we will be working on sending the rest of the tracking numbers today. Some of these orders are being sent much later than we had hoped and are significantly overweight to compensate. Please remember to put order details from old orders in the comment section of your new order rather than sending a separate email as our email is getting backed up. We will begin working through our backlog of emails later today and will likely close shop at some point this weekend to catch up.

7/10/19:  We had a large influx of orders come in over the holiday weekend but we are mostly caught up now. We have already sent out tracking numbers for the first half of these orders and we are working on sending those out for the second half now. We plan to close the shop for the weekend at around 8:00pm est on Friday so that we can catch up over the weekend.

7/4/19: Happy 4th of July! We are caught up on all orders and will be sending out tracking numbers this evening. Thanks to everyone who has supported us during this transition. Having a reduced but consistent order volume has helped our team to be able to consistently fill orders same or next day. More products will be added to the shop in the coming days. 

6/12/19: Welcome to our new site. In early May of this year our previous domain was subjected to a series of DDOS attacks originating from Eastern Europe IP addresses. Our site was compromised during this time and unfortunately our attempts to regain control have been unsucessful. The only progress we were able to make to protect customers was to place orders ourselves over and over again until all items were out of stock.

Our team is currently in the process of building a new WordPress site that will have enhanced security features as well as an upgraded version of the integrated ticket system. In the meantime, we are opening this shop until the site is complete. We searched long and hard to find a temporary system that would provide the level of protection that we require and we are certain that you can feel completely secure when ordering from us at this site as well as our upcoming WordPress site. 

We are aware that there are still outstanding orders remaining from the previous site and we are working to find a resolution to that issue as we are unable to verify those orders. For now, if you are placing a order on the new site and you had an outstanding order from the old site, please enter the details of that in the comment box of your order and we will make sure your order is significantly overweight to offer some sort of retribution. Please do not abuse our generosity if you did not have an outstanding order from the old site.

Stock - We currently have a few items listed in stock and will be adding more in the coming weeks. The minimum quanitity for these items has been temporarily raised in an effort to limit quantity of orders recieved as we get the operation running again. We will lower these down again in time. The shop will remain open through at least Friday evening. Depending on order quantity, we may close down for the weekend to get caught up and then reopen on Monday morning.


Our support email is [email protected] We still have our old SIGAINT ID’d PGP key so you always know it’s the same team. If you have any doubts, you can verify it’s us by sending an encrypted message using the below public key. Only PGC team members are the only ones able to decrypt it.



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